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【Industrial tapes】Glass fiber tape

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Glassfiber tape is based on PET, reinforced fiber line and coated with hot melt adhesive or solvent based. It is widely applied to protect the cartons or boxes away from scratching with strong tensile strength and high viscosity.

Adhesive Type:Synthetic rubber resin  

Backing: PET film

Reinforcement: Glass fiber

Main types: striped tape / tape grid


Color: Clear

Peel strength:25N±5N/25mm

Tensile Strength:600N±50N/25mm

Elongation at break:6±3%

Holding tack:≥36h

Temperature: -10-70℃



1) Strong tensile strength, No glue residue after moving.

2) Resistance friction, solvent resistant.

3) Excellent insulation, Flame retardant


1) Used for all kind of heavy packing,such as metal and wood furniture.

2) Extreme temperature special environment application,such as transformer and Air conditioning equipment,ect.

3) Also used for sealing ,fixing and bonding in anti-corrosion


Recommendations placed in a dry place. Avoid stacked together and volatile solvents. Storage temperature 4 ~ 26 ℃ Humidity 40% to 50%.

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