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【Industrial tapes】DUCT TAPE

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Product Description

Polyethylene packaging cloth duct tape.

1) Based on polyethylene and fiber composite materials,

2) Polyethylene and fiber composite materials.

3) Model face coated with release agent,

4) Fiber surface coated with hot- fusiblefiber pressure sensitive adhesive.

5) Has Strong adhesion, high tensile strength,

6) Protecting the surface from rust, humidity, water, easy to be torn.


Classified to 70mesh, 50mesh, 35mesh, 27mesh according to density of the gauze. Glue can be classified as white glue, transparent glue, and red glue.


Self-wound product is hand tear able and applies easily

Resistance to cold, heat and aging

High mechanical strength and good impact resistance

Conforms well to corners and irregular surfaces

works well for vapor sealing, sheet metal ductwork and general purpose heavy duty service

General colors: black, silver gray, russet, red, yellow, green, blue, white.


Widely used to seal carton, join carpets together, strap heavy objects, protect the surface, seal and suture Pipeline, join ships together, pack objects from water.

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