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【EMI conductive tapes】EMI Conductive foam

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Conductive sponge (foam) ethyl carbamate polyester is used as the sponge core, excellent elasticity and flame retardancy. Outsourcing materials for nickel copper metal coating structure, has the good electrical conductivity. Conductive foam has a good shielding performance, and has a very high cost performance. Is the latest, is also the most widely used shielding materials.Conductive foam is suitable for electromagnetic shielding, antistatic (ESD) and grounding, etc, its various forms, are widely used in communications equipment, computers, notebook computers, automatic control, mobile phones and military equipment in areas such as frame, chassis, backlog of shielding door/cover, etc.

Base material: polyurethane sponge


Breaking strength:90Mpa

Surface resistance:0.05Ω

Shielding effectiveness:> 70db


Low pressure very good shielding effect;

Flexible and light weight;

The corrosion resistance of nickel coating can prevent electrochemical corrosion;

Low surface contact resistance;

Rapid pressure sensitive fixed;

Customers can specify the length;

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