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【ESD tools】ESD wrist strap

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ESDWrist Straps are always used to prevent electro-static discharge by safelygrounding a person

workingwith electronic equipments or at an electronic assembly facility. They are notonly forsuitability but also for comfort and reliability. Weusually choose the suitable kinds of wrist straps accordingto the working environment. And will done professionally develops andproduces all kindsof it to meet your differentrequirements.

Technical Information:

1. Staticdissipative time <0.5s<>

2. Standard:ESD standard

3. Material:PU / PVC / copper

4. Linelength: 2.0m / 3.0m

5. Diameter:2.0mm / 2.5mm

6. Protectiveresistance 10 ^ 6Ω

7. Staticdissipative time: <0.05s<>

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