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China has become the world's largest producer of plastic products

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Relative to the metal, stone, wood, plastic products with low cost, plasticity, etc., are widely used in the national economy, the plastics industry occupies a very important position in the world today, over the years plastic products, high-speed development in the world .

Prospective Industry Research Institute released "2011--2015 China's plastic products industry sales forecast demand and investment analysis report" shows that China's output of plastic products in the world rankings has always been at the forefront of a variety of plastic products which is already in the first in the world, China has become the world's largest producer of plastic products. 2001--2010, China's average annual growth rate of plastic products maintained at more than 15% in 2010, China's plastic products production reached 58.3 million tons.

Plastic products widely used in large downstream industry development of China's plastics industry provides a strong support. With the introduction of "petrochemical industry revitalization planning rules", China's plastics industry usher in a new development opportunities. China's plastic products market demand is mainly focused on several aspects of agricultural plastic products, plastic packaging products, plastic products, construction, transportation and industrial engineering products.

Prospect Industrial Research Institute plastics industry researcher Liu Xi Mei said that the current per capita plastics consumption in China compared with developed countries there is a big gap. As a measure of a country's level of industrial development indicators plastics - steel ratio, China is only 30:70, less than the world average of 50:50, 70:30 and farther less developed countries such as Germany, 63:37 United States. Future upgrades as technology advances and consumption of modified plastics and plastic products in China is expected to be required to maintain 10% growth rate.

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