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【Heat resistant tapes】Heat resistant red masking tapes

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Heat resistant red color adhesive masking tapes

Masking tape for painting uses crepe paper as the backing material, which is coated with rubber type adhesive. Applicable to different temperature resistance with cleaner removal. No adhesive residue. It is widely used for the painting, coverage and writing of the hardware, electronics, decoration, footwear industries etc.

Widely used in the baking process in automobile industry, hardware industry, electronic industry and electric appliances industry for fixing and protecting purposes, where there is a high demand for temperature from 100oC~150oC, and can resist many solvent, such as toluene.


Material:PET+Crepe paper+silicon adhesive



Tensile Strength:18~26kg/25mm




Speciafically designed for hardware painting, positioning and drilling of circuit boards and copper boards, positioning and painting of plastics, and computer shell and electronics painting, with perfect stability, clean removal, high rubber strength, and good adhesion.

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