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【PVC film】PVC Blue film

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PVC film, full name Polyvinylchlorid film. The main component of PVC, while adding other ingredients to enhance its heat resistance, toughness, ductility and the like. This uppermost surface film is painted, the main component of the middle is PVC, the lower is the back coating binder.

It is a popular favorite in today's world, is quite popular and also widely used as a synthetic material. Global use of PVC film is the second highest in a variety of synthetic materials. In the three-dimensional surface film can produce the material, PVC is the most suitable material.

PVC blue protective film

PVC film coated using special acrylic adhesive composition,With acid, corrosion resistance, no residue when remove, metal special protective film.


1、It has highlighted high reflective properties, commonly known as the mirror effect;

2、Acid, corrosion resistance, no residue when remove.


Surface protection applies to PCB, instruments, meters and other metal, to prevent the process, surface damage during transportation. Generally used for decorative products, used in outdoor advertising, architectural decoration, advertising light boxes, etc. In recent years, the automotive and architectural glass film film has been widely used.

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