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【CPP film】CPP matte film

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CPP protective film to protect both cast polypropylene film is an unstretched, non-oriented polypropylene protective film.

Material:CPP matte film + acrylic adhesive




Peel force: 3~80gf/25mm,Customizable


1. protective film temperature resistance, deformation, yet with a certain degree of flexibility Tinggua a softening point of about 140 degrees.

2. protective film feel good, shading, can be a heat-sealing properties, anti-stick easy.

3. protective film moisture proof excellent performance, with some oxygen barrier, oil resistance;

4.protective film non-toxic, tasteless, odorless, good health, density 0.92g / cm3;

5. having pe base film can not have high temperature resistance, it is particularly suitable for IMD IML and other electronic manufacturing process in


Mainly applied to the photovoltaic film, the diffusion sheet, the light guide plate, a film, a prism sheet, especially for ITO conductive protective film coating

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