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【ESD equipment】Ionizing Air Nozzle ion air gun

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Ionizer gun

Ionizer gun is a hand-held eliminate staticelectricity specialized equipment. It is to use compressed the gas - inaddition to static series of products. With easy installation, stable, strongwind speed, rapid elimination of static electricity characteristics.

Ion air gun can produce large amounts of airmass with a positive and negative charge, high-speed blow compressed air can belost and the charge on the object in. When the surface electric charge ofnegative charge, it will attract the flow of positive charge, when brought tothe surface charge is positive, it will attract the flow of negative charge, sothat static electricity on the surface to be in and the purpose of eliminatingstatic electricity, high-speed compressed air can also be objects of stubborndust blown above.

Ion air gun to use with the high-voltagegenerator

Ion wind snake

Ion wind serpent is the use of a compressedgas in addition to static series of products. On the basis of ionic air nozzlebased on the installation of a variable to the changing dragon, with easyinstallation, stable, strong wind, to eliminate static and fast speed requiredto support the high-voltage generator.

Product Features:

* Compact and lightweight body

* Rapid elimination of static surface

* Can be added to adjust 0V-30V positive andnegative voltages

* Serpentine duct can be freely deformed sothat nozzle to the target position, without hands-free operation allows ionflow directly blown onto the target surface.

* To be equipped with high-voltage generator.


Electronics assembly, line, LED dust,injection molding, medical equipment, LED packaging, as well as manpowerinaccessible occasions

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