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Protective film production processes which affect local quality protective film

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Protective film production process

A production process, the base film

Process Second, corona treatment: Surface treatment of the substrate, in theory, can be used a chemical treatment, a variety of methods corona treatment, ozone treatment, flame treatment, plasma treatment, are generally easy to implement, inexpensive and efficient corona Approach. Corona treated base material can significantly improve the surface tension, thereby improving adhesive force group.

Process three coating (glue): primer adhesive glue coating before, first in the pre-coated adhesive surface of the base layer to increase the surface protective film pressure sensitive adhesive layer between the substrate and coating adhesion (bottom layer). Their role is similar to the adhesive between the substrate and a bridge, through the bridge, the substrate with the pressure-sensitive adhesive is firmly connected.

Most natural rubber coating is first coated with a primer, apply a colloid. And then the protective film is heated by an air passage longer (80 ~ 100 ℃), to ensure that the water or solvent is evaporated. Corona had film can be directly applied to the acrylic adhesive does not require primer coating. Glue protective film is usually acrylic rubber, silicone, and other pressure-sensitive adhesive.

Process IV Winder, the cutting, storage: a protective film on the coating machine directly into the rewinding length required by customers. If the customer needs the appearance of the protective film is beautiful, there is no bubble wrap, re-usable high-quality Winder Winder, to ensure that no air parcel. For the protective film short (500 meters), can be used cutting machines to cut. More than 500 meters, with the heat produced when cutting machine cutting may cause the PE melt, making it difficult to unwound. The protective film is generally at about room temperature 20 degrees Celsius, no direct sunlight stored in the warehouse for 12 months. The higher the temperature, the shorter the shelf, 10 ℃ every high shelf life will be reduced by half. Water-soluble protective film to avoid contact with moisture to avoid adhesive residue.

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